American citizens captured by Hamas: The desperate plea for answers

It was a moment of terror for Saray Cohen. Sadly she keeps living in moments like these over and over and over. 

FOX 5 NY's Jodi Goldberg's interview paused abruptly after the sound of sirens forced her to take shelter.

For Saray, this is the new normal. She holds onto a photo of her family. It was taken just two days before her sister Judith and niece Natalie were captured by Hamas terrorists right from the Kibbutz they were staying in.


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"It’s four days," Cohen said. 

Saturday was the last time Saray heard from them.

"The last message was from 12:18p when she wrote she’s hearing shots from outside the apartment, but they’re ok, and they love us very much," she said.

Judith and Natalie are American citizens who were visiting family in Israel for a family birthday celebration. A joyous occasion turned into a nightmare as Saray now pleads with officials to track the cell phones of her missing loved ones.


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Yarden Greenfeld prays to find out where members of the Asher-Katz family are located.

"My sister-in-law is missing and her two daughters who are five and three years old, Dawn’s mother, and her spouse," she said.

Greenfeld got a message from her sister-in-law, Dawn that terrorists stormed their kibbutz. Hamas used the victim's phones to send videos to the families.

"Now the situation is we’re having to face the fact that they’re just being held hostage," Greenfeld said.