Amazon's new Echo device helps with your wardrobe

You can ask Amazon Echo's Alexa feature pretty much anything.

"What's on my calendar?"

"Will it rain tonight?"

But what about asking for help with your wardrobe?

Amazon has introduced the Echo Look, the new Alexa-powered at-home wardrobe assistant, which draws us closer to total dependence on technology and decision making.

Tom's Guide senior reviews editor Mike Prospero says this Echo is different. It has a camera and is specifically designed to let you know how good you look.

That's not to say Alexa is going to go all "Fashion Police" on you. Rather, the Echo Look offers a second opinion through its style check feature, which uses a combo of algorithms and third-party style experts to curate outfits you could buy, of course, through Amazon. It also compiles a look book of outfits that you've worn before.

Of course, there will be concerns about privacy and where those pictures you take will go. Prospero says the device doesn't record your image until you tell it to, but when you do the image goes into the cloud. So, he says, you might want to be wary about what Amazon will do with that information afterward.

You can't but the Echo Look just yet. Like anything fashion, Amazon is keeping it exclusive at first by invitation only to U.S. customers who sign up on its website. But at $199, Amazon is now one step closer to closing the loop on our morning routine. Now if only Alexa could make us coffee.