Amazon Prime Day

Tuesday, July 12, is Amazon Prime Day. You can bet you'll almost find as many deals as there are Pokémon. Last year it broke Black Friday records with almost 400 sales a second. And this year Amazon is stepping up its game with a TV ad blitz.

Prime day has three types of deals.

Spotlight deals are the best ones. These are the top brands at the biggest discounts. They end once the item runs out of stock.

Lightning deals come up throughout the day and they expire after about 3 hours.

Finally, the all-day promotions are found in the prime savings and deals section.

Fox Business host Deirdre Bolton says after some consumer criticism last year, expect this year's discounts to be even sweeter.

With more than 100,000 deals, Amazon Prime has spurred what has become known as Black Friday in July.

And in the spirit of competition, other retailers have responded. Banana Republic, Target and Sears are cutting down prices. Wal-Mart hit back with its own deals and free shipping on all items. That is why Kiplinger's Bob Neidt says before you click add to cart, click around first to see if there's something better.