Amazon delivery woman defecates on customer's front yard

When Nemy Bautista arrived to his Sacramento home on Tuesday, he found what appeared to be dog poop at the bottom of his driveway. When he looked at the footage in his security camera, however, he found a dissatisfying surprise.

Bautista told Fox News on Friday that instead of a puppy relieving itself, he watched a woman who was delivering a package for Amazon driving a U-Haul doing the deed.

He said he was “shocked” by what he saw and immediately contacted Amazon and filed a complaint. A company representative was "shocked and thoroughly apologized," and said that the deliverywoman worked for a third-party contractor Amazon had hired to make those deliveries.

“I wanted Amazon to come clean it up,” Bautista said, adding he missed the delivery by minutes.

A supervisor for the driver arrived at Bautista’s home about five hours later, unprepared to deal with the “package.”

“He didn’t have any gloves, nothing,” Bautista said. “He grabbed a plastic bag to scoop it up and I told him he couldn’t put it my [trash] can. I didn’t want it stinking up my can.”

The man asked Bautista if he could leave it beside the trash can, which he did. Bautista eventually put it in the trash can after the man left.

Amazon has apologized to Bautista and offered him a gift card. He told FOX40 that the company told him the driver “has been dealt with” but was unsure what that meant.

“This is a third-party provider – anyone can be a driver,” he told Fox News. “It’s a lack of professionalism. It’s very strange.”