Allergy season is here already

Have you been feeling a little rundown lately? Perhaps have a scratchy throat and itchy eyes. You thought it was a cold, but it's not going away. Well, it might just be allergies.

Dr. Jordan Josephson of Lenox Hill Hospital is a sinus and allergy specialist. Because of the warm weather we've been having the past couple of weeks, he says allergy season is already here. He says the trees "think" it is spring. So with the tree pollen flying, people's allergies are going crazy.

So, what should you do?

Dr. Josephson says start taking nasal steroid sprays, anti-histamine sprays, and oral anti-histamines. You could use a neti pot to wash out your sinuses with saline. When you get home at night, wash your hair. Keep the windows closed to prevent tree pollen from coming inside. He says you might want to use an air purifier.

Just because allergy season is starting sooner, doesn't mean it will be over quicker. Dr. Josephson says it's going to be a long, uncomfortable season.