All things avocado in Brooklyn

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(Courtesy of Avocaderia)

Tucked away in a food hall in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a new business is making a splash of green.

Cousins Francesco and Alberto and one more partner, Alessandro, decided to open Avocaderia in a city that's becoming more and more health conscious. The trio, originally from Italy, said that avocado wasn't popular in their Mediterranean diets and they got hooked on visit to Mexico.

"It makes you happy. So eat avocado you feel good because the taste is great," co-owner Francesco Brachetti said. "You actually feel good because it's good for your body -- there's a lot of nutrients and it's just the feeling we want to give to our customers and make them happy and make them healthy."

You can probably guess that at Avocaderia you'll find avocado everything. Whether it's your traditional guacamole or something funky like a dish called Let It Beet: toast with beet hummus, slices of avocado, radish, and spices. You'll even find an avocado smoothie, made with mango and almond milk.

"We want to focus on people that care about their health," Brachetti said. "So they care about what they eat and that's why we only use fair trade organic avocado."

Food blogger Ronald Lai has nearly 40,000 followers on his Instagram account called omgitsbomb. He has no doubt an avocado spot will have success in this city.

If you want to get your healthy fix, Avocaderia opens to the public Monday. For now it will only be open Monday through Friday, but you can dig your teeth into avocado there seven days a week starting this summer.