Alex Morgan looking to cement her legacy in U.S. soccer history

For most players, scoring a single goal in a World Cup game is an achievement. But United States women’s national soccer team forward Alex Morgan scored an amazing five goals as part of the USWNT’s historic 13-0 demolition of the Thailand women’s national soccer team.

“I had a personal goal set for myself, I exceeded that, smashed that, was happy about that,” Morgan said. 

After a personally disappointing World Cup campaign in 2015, the 29-year-old is looking to stamp her place in the history of U.S. soccer.

“For me, being the age that I am, I feel like I am on my way up still, and so I’m looking forward to this tournament and making the mark in the way that I really want to,” Morgan said. 

There are much larger challenges ahead than Thailand for the USWNT however, and the team will be counting on Alex Morgan to help lead them to success.

“She’s going to be a key player when they’re sitting in against teams that want to play low block, she’s gonna be a key player that can find that finishing touch,” said Aly Wagner, former USWNT forward and Lead FOX Sports World Cup analyst.

The USWNT will be in action next against Chile on Sunday, June 16 at noon.