Airlines offer travel waivers to customers ahead of Tropical Storm Barry

As Tropical Storm Barry approaches the Gulf Coast, poised to become the first hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season, airlines are offering travel waivers to customers.

Hurricane warnings were in effect along the Louisiana Coast as the storm was expected to make landfall sometime Saturday.

The following airlines were offering waivers, which give customers the chance to change their flight reservations without paying a fee:

Alaska Airlines – The waiver is being offered to customers who are flying to or from Houston and New Orleans. Customers with flights set to travel between Thursday and Saturday can cancel or change their flight.

American Airlines – The airline is offering the waiver to customers traveling to several airports around the storm zone. Fees will be waived for travel dates between Thursday and Sunday.

Delta – The waiver is for customers traveling to and from a variety of airports in the Gulf Coast with travel dates between Friday and Saturday.

Frontier Airlines – Customers traveling to Houston, Jackson, Mississippi, New Orleans or Lafayette, Louisiana, can receive a waiver. Their travel dates must be between Thursday and Sunday to qualify for it.

JetBlue – The airline is offering the waiver for customers who are traveling to or from New Orleans between Wednesday and Sunday.

Southwest – The airline is offering waivers at a few different times and for different locations.

Between Tuesday and Saturday, people traveling to two airports in Florida can change or cancel their flight. Customers traveling to or from New Orleans between Tuesday and Monday can use the waiver.

Customers heading to two airports in Texas between Wednesday and Sunday qualify for a waiver, while people heading out to Little Rock, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee, between Monday and Tuesday can use the waiver.

Spirit Airlines – Customers traveling to or from Houston and New Orleans between Thursday and Sunday qualify for a waiver.

United Airlines – The airline is offering customers a waiver at several airports along the Gulf Coast if they are traveling between Thursday and Sunday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.