Air Force Veteran killed by police officer remember 2 years later

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It’s been two years since an Air Force Veteran was shot and killed by a DeKalb County Police Officer; his family is currently awaiting trial while his case is on appeal at the Georgia Supreme Court.

Anthony Hill, whose family said suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, was seen running naked through an apartment complex on March 9, 2015. Former Officer Robert Olsen killed the unarmed 27-year-old man during the encounter.

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Thursday, veterans gathered outside the DeKalb County Courthouse to remember Hill and all veterans suffering from mental illness.

“We say among us, the VA is waiting for you to die,” said retired Lt. Colonel Amos King with Justice for Veterans. “That is a sad situation, that is a sad commentary for those who gave their lives like Anthony Hill, he served his country, he was not killed on foreign soil he was killed right here in the United States.”

Justice for Veterans organized the prayer vigil. Hill’s uncle, Pierre Baylor drove from South Carolina, where most of Hill’s family lives, in order to attend. Baylor, a National Guardsmen said they always try to have a family member present to make sure people understand they still care about what is going on.

“Our last conversation he said, ‘Uncle Pete all the world needs is love,’” said Hill’s uncle, Pierre Baylor.  “That is what he lived by, ‘all the world needs is love.’”

According to the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office, the defense filed a notice of appeal alleging an issue with the presentation of the case during grand jury proceedings. Olsen is charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, violation of oath by a public officer, and making false statements. The case is currently on appeal at the Georgia Supreme Court.

“Hopefully the process will speed up and what we feel is right will happen, and that is all you can hope and pray for,” said Baylor.

DeKalb County District Attorney, Sherry Boston appointed a new prosecution team to the case. Hill’s family said they feel fortunate their case has a chance at justice, when so many others do not.

“We hurt for all families, just to lose a loved one when you feel it was preventable or didn’t have to happen, that's anybody no matter what circumstance,” said Baylor.

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