AI can help you plan and save money on travel

 If you're looking for a getaway without breaking the bank, the new boom in artificial intelligence can help you plan a trip in minutes and save you money.

Wondering what the difference is between conducting a Google search and a search using artificial intelligence?  Here's a look.

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We Googled "plan a weekend trip to Galveston." The search engine listed links and articles about Galveston attractions and accommodations.

Then we went to Google Labs to use its Artificial Intelligence.  Its Search Generative Experience suggested that we visit The Strand, Bishop's Palace, and The Seawall.  

We asked it to save us money on this trip.  It suggested buying a Galveston Island Pass, which can save you up 40% on attractions.

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Want a low-cost hotel with an ocean view?  It showed us those options.  And it planned this trip in minutes.  

You can also plan a trip using Google's AI chatbot, Bard.

"Let’s say you’re planning to spend a weekend in Vegas," explained Google Technology Expert Charity Mhende.  "You can use it to plan an itinerary. You can use it for restaurants you want to go to, landmarks you want to see, and different things like that."

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Another feature to try out is Google Lens. You can drop in a photo of something, such as a sandal, and it will show you where you can buy it or how to style it.  Or take a photo of something that's in a foreign language, such as a menu, and it can translate for you.

"The menu might be in Portuguese. So I click my phone, I open up Google Lens and it will translate the menu for me," said Mhende.  

Other travel apps plan itineraries using AI, too, including Roam Around, Vacay Chatbot, iPlan.AI, and Curiosio.  

Sites like Hopper and Skyscanner use AI to help you find low-priced airfare and hotels.

And get this.  A site called PackPoint uses AI to generate a list of what you should pack for your trip based on your destination, travel dates, and planned activities.

Remember that artificial intelligence searches are not always accurate, so double-check recommendations and prices before you book.