After Valentine's Day, February 15 is Singles Appreciation Day

February 14 may belong to love birds, but February 15 is for everyone else. The day following Valentine’s Day is Singles Appreciation Day. Yes, the acronym is S.A.D.-- but the holiday is anything but.

It is a celebration of love in all forms, including loving yourself.

Whether you go to a Singles Appreciation Day party, treat yourself to something nice, or quietly revel in your freedom at home, you definitely won’t be “alone.” Recent Census figures show that there are 109 million unmarried people in America, ages 18 and older. That’s 45% of the population that’s self-reliant, independent….and never has to compromise when it comes to dinner, movie, or weekend plans. 

Studies show that single people are more social, have less credit card debt, get more exercise AND sleep better at night.