Adult leagues combine sports and socializing

In a city as big and as bustling as New York, it is sometimes hard to find time for it all. But that's quickly changing with adult sports leagues, like New York City Social. It combines two very important things: staying active and staying social.

"Growing up playing soccer, it's nice to be back in that kind of spirit of like everyone's in it for same reason; we just want to have fun playing the game," Melissa Magazine said.

For athletes like Magazine, a sports league is a simple alternative to ending the monotony of hitting the gym.

"Before I joined NYC Social, I didn't really do as much as I wanted to in terms of running because I just didn't like it, being a soccer player my whole life," Magazine said. "So, this is such a good way for me to get back into doing cardio and just getting back into a rhythm of 'OK, this is what I need to be doing with my life': getting back into fitness and staying in shape."

Now, not only does she get to stay fit, but she gets to do so in a positive and safe environment.

"It's been a really good experience getting to play with people that are having fun, instead of being so competitive," Magazine said.

That's because as opposed to other leagues, here winning isn't what matters most. At its core, NYC Social is designed to give young professionals an avenue to have fun, network and enjoy life.

"After my first season, it was really awesome getting to meet all the people that I didn't know on the team and then even hanging out at the bars after," Magazine said. "It's a really good way to meet people and be social, even during a work day."

Hanging out at the bars is where this fitness choice goes a bit off-sides. 73 different leagues to choose from, and each one caps off with a post-game social.

"It's fun, especially after a game that you win," Magazine said. "You just go and hang out, eat some $2 tacos and have some beer and it's great."

And you've already worked out, so it's OK?

"Oh yeah, absolutely, got to put the calories back in, that you put out there," Magazine said.