Adorable dog stops traffic

A lot of things can sideline you on your way to work-  hot coffee spills, fender benders, construction- but there was one traffic incident outside of Phoenix that left drivers with a warm and fuzzy feeling.This slow moving commuter merged onto the highway and brought traffic to a halt. When Summer the dog was spotted bounding down U.S. 60, concerned drivers alerted authorities- and then the chase was on.

Footage shows the tiny fugitive, who had escaped through an unlocked gate, eluding Arizona State Troopers. The whole city could watch Summer slip through the fingers of both law enforcement and dog-loving civilians as the entire pursuit was live streamed. Fortunately, one driver was able to catch her and she was finally reunited with her grateful owner. Is there a better way to handle a dog on the loose?

Frightened animals often panic- and go into fight or flight mode, so it's important to remember they may be dangerous. Often times, the more people try to go after stray dogs, the more they run away. So it usually take a softer approach- or some treats. Even though this story has a happy ending, authorities stress that you should NOT stop your car on a major roadway to rescue a stray. Call the Department of Public Safety so nobody gets hurt.