Actors making a movie in Houston go to a NE neighborhood to help those in need

The cast of a movie that’s being filmed in Houston took a break from the set to be a blessing to some area seniors in Northeast Houston, and some are double-checking the date because there’s a lot of discussion about December 25.

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So what do you get when Christmas comes to Houston in September and you cross that with Random Acts of Kindness? You get a host of Houstonians who receive some pretty amazing gifts.

"I’m just so grateful. My dryer went out and I’ve been afraid my washer will stop working. So for this I’m grateful," says 74-year-old Mary Mayes who’s receiving a new washing machine.

Oh, it does feel a lot like Christmas.

"It’s been 100 degrees every day since March. So we just want to make sure we can provide some relief for our elders," explains David and Treveia Dennis the Founders of Houston Random Acts of Kindness non-profit organization.   

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Ok, certainly the climate isn’t Christmas-like, but a bit of holiday spirit is in the air as gifts are given and the cast of the film Christmas Cover-Up is here to help play Santa in September.

"We think it’s very important to pay it forward, not pay it back. So just to be here it’s an honor for us," explains Trina Braxton who’s a cast member in Christmas Cover-Up.

"When we were growing up when we needed things, we didn’t have things like this. So I think it’s really, really important," adds Towanda Braxton who also stars in the movie.   

Yes, that Trina and Towanda, two of the beautiful Braxton sisters who are appearing in the film that’s being made here in Houston.

"And they are fabulous actresses," adds Christmas Cover-Up Executive Producer Jami McCoy.   

They and several cast and crew from Christmas Cover-Up are helping the Houston Random Acts of Kindness non-profit give away washers, dryers and air conditioners.

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"And let me tell you something about Houston. Y’all need air in Houston. So anybody giving out air in Houston is a huge blessing and a great person," smiles Christmas Cover-Up Actor Ray Cunningham.  

"We believe in filming in different areas, bringing jobs into the areas, but also getting our feet on the ground to do community involvement.  So we’re happy to be here," McCoy adds.  

"In Houston we go through a lot of stuff. We’ve gone through so many hurricanes and so many different tragedies and so for something like this when there’s no tragedy for someone to be willing to give away on just a random day, a random act of kindness. It’s a beautiful thing," smiles Christmas Cover-Up Actress and native Houstonian Skye Griffin.   

Those on the receiving end say this is an answered prayer. "I’m happy. I could shout hallelujah," says Mayes as she indeed shouts "Hallelujah". 

"Oh God has just been so good to us, and I just thank God for the favor He’s bestowed upon us today," adds Frenda Menefee who takes care of disabled children and is receiving a washer and dryer.

"They will have fresh, clean clothes at their disposal. I just think it is a perfect, perfect gift," smiles Kathy Griffin who got the ball rolling after realizing a group home for seniors was in need. So she called some of her compassionate compadres.

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"I’m put here to take care of you. You’re put here to take care of somebody else, and if we all do that it makes the world a better place," says the Dennis’ whose Random Acts of Kindness foundation is giving out 30 washers, dryers and air conditioning units to deserving Houstonians, with the help of Lowe’s.

You can reach Houston Random Acts of Kindness at

You can catch Christmas Cover-Up when it’s released at Christmastime.