A scent for every Brooklyn neighborhood

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Here's a question: what does Brooklyn smell like? Well here in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Flavors has a different scent for every neighborhood. Longtime Brooklyn resident Sophia Sylvester launched her company Brooklyn Flavors for soy-based body butters, body sprays, candles and oils, each drawing on inspiration from around the borough.

She started online and then opened up a storefront on Washington Avenue. There are over a dozen different scents or "flavors" -- everything from Kensington to Bed-Stuy to Red Hook. The bestselling scents are Prospect Heights and Church Avenue.

Sylvester creates all of the products on her own.

Customers come from across the city. And Sylvester has even had orders from as far away as Japan. But her biggest fans are from right here in Brooklyn.

A sense of Brooklyn pride goes along with her Brooklyn scents.