A meteor burns across Carolina skies

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Video: FOX 46 Charlotte viewer Melissa Galloway 

A very bright meteor was spotted over Clover, South Carolina Thursday morning. The video was shared with FOX 46 Charlotte by viewer Melissa Galloway. 

It appeared to have entered the Earth's atmosphere around 7 a.m. April 4 Eastern Time. 

The meteor was spotted in other areas in the Carolinas including Lenoir, Shelby, Morganton, Chester, Hickory, and Rock Hill. 

Forbes reports around 60 tons of space dust - coming from meteors, comets and the like – falls to Earth every single day, but as it’s so fine you’d have to be incredibly fortuitous and indescribably wary to notice.

Meteors of all shapes and sizes enter our atmosphere at a fair tick too, but thanks to the fabulous friction and significantly compressed air that builds up in front of them, most of them don’t make it to the surface and become bona fide meteorites.

Their ignition, however, means that unlike all that interplanetary dandruff, we can spot meteors if they fall in the right place.