A journalist woke up blind in one eye and recorded every step of his amazing medical journey

When journalist Chris O’Connell woke up suddenly blind in one eye and doctors were unable to explain what was happening, he turned his investigative instincts on himself and began recording every step of his medical journey.

As a result, the entire account of his incredible ordeal has been documented. Solving the mystery saved his life- and the story could save yours as well.

Appointment after fruitless appointment, Chris O'Connell brought his camera along.More than two months later, doctors found the answer. Chris O'Connell had suffered a stroke in his eye. Instantly, he had become a cardiac patient.

O'Connell underwent preventative heart procedures- and his doctors discovered two heart defects. If hadn't lost his sight, he'd have never known to take the steps to protect himself. Now under the care of his doctors, he can live to tell the tale.

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