A farm in shipping containers grows in Brooklyn

It's farm to table with a twist. A parking lot in Brooklyn isn't the first place you'd expect to see spinach and arugula sprouting up but here they are. Hydroponic vertical farms are growing crops inside 10 steel shipping containers in the same neighborhood where Jay Z grew up.

But that is not where the cool factor ends. Square Roots takes things one step further by sending a farmer to your office with snack-sized bags of salad the same day the greens are harvested.

Square Roots CEO Tobias Peggs thought up the idea with co-founder Kimball Musk, brother of entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk. The duo raised $3 million in seed capital to build out this campus, and recruited 10 young farmer entrepreneurs from a pool of 500 to work for a year. The idea is to grow their own careers with Square Roots and in turn help the company grow, too.

Square Roots aims to expand to 20 metropolitan areas by 2020.