A cheetah and a dog are best friends

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If you think cats and dogs can't get along, think again. Adaeze is a cheetah. Her best friend is Odie, a dog. These two are the Frick and Frack of the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Adaeze, which means daughter of a king, was born into a record-breaking litter of eight cubs about a year ago. Her mother, Mona Lisa, was overwhelmed with caring for so many little ones, so three of them were hand-raised.

At seven weeks, Adaeze was paired up with a rambunctious Australian shepherd and their yin and yang friendship began to blossom. According to conservation center director Marcella Leone, this a positive matchmaking practice.

These BFFs have become inseparable. They are together almost 24/7, napping, playing and exploring. But it's splitsville for these two at mealtime.

Only 7,500 cheetahs are left in Africa. Adazae and Odie have upcoming appearances at fundraisers and museums to enlighten the public on how threatened this population is.