98-year-old Houston woman seeks help repairing her flood damaged home

“Nobody knows how long they’re going to live, and that’s one thing we don’t need to know,” said Naomi Williams. “Because if we knew how long we were going to live we couldn't’ enjoy the time that we had left to live.”

Williams has lived for 98 years but her life hasn’t been the same since Harvey came calling.

“I would like to see my house back in order, that I could enjoy myself in life,” Williams said.

Flood waters left Williams home in desperate need of repairs.

FEMA denied her because she got assistance when her home flooded in 2001 during tropical storm Allison, but she failed to get flood insurance.

“She did not understand that,” Alma Shelton said.

Shelton and Williams attend the same church and have known each other for 30 years.

Men in the church pulled out some of the walls to get the water out, but they can’t rebuild them or fix the floor, which has buckled and needs to be replaced.

“I can almost guarantee you there’s mold underneath and she’s been living in this and eventually it’s going to make her ill,” Shelton said.

“It’s been kind of hard because you can see how I’m sleeping,” Williams said. “I don’t have a bed I’m just sleeping on one little couch over there.”

Williams can’t afford the repairs and doesn’t know what the future holds if no one comes forward to help.

“She has to get some help or she has to get out of this house,” Shelton said.

But where would she go we asked.

“I don’t know,” Shelton said. “I don’t know."