92Y musical theater program aims to educate and inspire

There’s a new musical theater program at the 92nd Street Y that’s going into its second year. Designed for kids from 4 to 18 years old, it’s for everyone, open to students with any level of experience.

“It’s more about being part of the team and working together than it is about your individual performance,” said Megan Doyle, Musical Theater Director at the 92Y.

In the program’s first year more than 100 students signed up, and eve more are expected this ear.

“The students who have been with us for a while and already have the skill set we’ve trained them in a way that they’re able to jump in and help those new kids and they’re okay taking it down a level for the first few weeks, going bac to basics and letting those kids grow,” said Chelsey Storteboom, a dance instructor.

Students are currently practicing for their production of 42nd Street, which will be performed early next year. But the end goal is to inspire and educate participants.

“And it just happens that we do musical theater. That’s what we go and that’s what we’re going to teach through, that’s really the goal at the end,” Doyle said.