9-year-old found dead week after mother, sister murdered

The body of an Arkansas 9-year-old boy, who had been missing since earlier in the week, has been found days after police found his mother and 2-year-old sister murdered.

Police announced that they found what they believe to be Reilly Scarbrough's body shortly after noon Saturday in a “heavily wooded area” near Hatfield.

Reilly’s sister, Acelynn, and their mother, Bethany Jo Wester, 43, were found dead in a creek Tuesday afternoon, according to reports.

The boy’s uncle, Steven Payne, 66, was discovered dead in his home Thursday.

Eight law enforcement agencies were searching for the boy in hopes that he would be found alive.

According to a press release, authorities found Reilly's body with help from Brian Bliss Travis, who is currently incarcerated in the Polk County jail on unrelated charges.

It is not clear whether Bliss was involved in Reilly's death or the deaths of his family members, but police said they anticipate Bliss will face capital murder charges in this case.