82-year-old man carjacked, beaten, robbed in Charlotte

A suspect is on the run after Charlotte-Mecklenbury Police said he took an 82-year old man hostage in his own car and beat him up. 

Charles Lutrick is in the hospital bruised and battered. His family said a man hopped into the 82-year-old’s car when he was at a stoplight in the East Woodlawn Avenue area of south Charlotte Tuesday afternoon, held a knife to his face, and forced him to drive almost 20 minutes away to Avid Exchange Lane. 

Lutrick’s stepdaughter said the suspect beat up her step-dad, stole his car, his phone and some cash.

“We're just very sad, we can't believe it that somebody would do that to him,” Maricel Sundin said. 

The family said Charles would give anything to anybody who needed it, so they don't understand why the bad guy beat him up. 

“He got punched in the face, right now he has a black eye and he's in the ICU,” said Sundin. 

Lutrick’s family said the 82-year-old is tough and he's going to pull through. 

“We're just shocked. I can't believe it. He's very strong, and good thing it didn't hit him really and he has a pacemaker already,” Sundin said. 

The family is upset that someone would take advantage of such a kind-hearted man, and they're worried that until the suspect is caught, he could hurt somebody else. 

“We so angry, very, very angry. I can't believe this guy would do this to anybody.” 

Police have not made any arrests at this time. If you were in this area on Avid Exchange Lane or East Woodlawn Road Wednesday afternoon between 3 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. and you have any information that can help, please call CMPD at 704-334-1600.