8 ways to kill time in the airport this holiday season

Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the worst times to fly. With the holidays approaching, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending some of that time stuck in an airport. 

Here are the 8 best ways to pass the time waiting for your flight: 

1. Stretch your legs. After all, you won’t have much leg room when you’re airborne again. Your airport may even have a fitness area or a yoga room. According to Time,  O’Hare, Dallas, San Francisco, Burlington, and Midway Airports have yoga rooms. 

2. Get your steps in. Some airport walking paths are a travel day in their own right. The walking path in Dallas-Fort Worth International is just under three-quarters of a mile long, and the walkways in Cleveland and Phoenix are both 2 miles long!

3. If you’d rather someone else do the stretching, look for a spa and get a massage. Plenty of airports feature facilities to tend to your aching muscles. If you’re feeling, maybe a facial is more up your alley. You’ll be glowing by the time you get to your destination. 

4. While you’re treating yourself, indulge in one of the many restaurants and bars. This is 2017, the days of fast food as the only option in airports is long gone. Just be sure not to have too many drinks before your flight. 

5. Go shopping. If you have a little extra room in your luggage, there’s nothing quite like a little retail therapy. Plus, it can be a great way to start checking off your holiday gift list. 

6. While you have your wallet open, see if any of your credit cards give you access to the airport lounge. 

7. On a budget? There’s still plenty to do. Read a book, listen to music, or download some free new apps on your phone, and spend some time mastering them. You’ll look so savvy in front of your relatives. 

8. Finally, there’s always the classic, time-honored tradition of people watching. Your fellow travellers are sure to entertain.

Watch the video to see how to spend your time in the airport this holiday season.