70-year-old subway singer gets record deal

A man from the Bronx is learning what can happen if you do what you love.  He's a 70-year-old singer who just got his first big break.

"Wow, I’m 70-years-old and all the culmination of all this time in the business playing what I enjoy," Bill Hudson says.

Hudson finally got a record deal decades after he first started performing with his brothers and sisters in talent shows in his Harlem home.

"My mother was the judge," Hudson says.

His passion grew and he embarked on a life filled with singing.  Then, in 2015 he was singing in the subway as part of "Music Under New York" which is an MTA music program where performers entertain commuters.  A musician discovered Hudson and soon asked him to join a group called "John the Martyr."

Their interesting sound caught the ear of a record label and last month Hudson ended up signing with Plus One Records.

"Stick with what you really love.  It shouldn't be about dollars and cents but it should be about how it makes you feel at the end of the day," Hudson says.

Hudson was performing Thursday night at Rockwood Music Hall on Manhattan's Lower East Side.