5-year-old battling Leukemia becomes honorary Desoto Police officer

A 5-year-old girl battling Leukemia’s brave, strong and courageous attitude captured the attention of the Desoto Police Department and took the oath to continue fighting on with the help of her new family in blue.

Gigi Zuniga has been battling Leukemia since she was 3.  Now at 5, she's recovering from a second bout after a bone marrow transplant two months ago.

"She said a couple of times she wants to be a police officer,” said her mom, Tyana Zuniga.

Gigi’s parents say ever since she got to blare the siren on a police squad car she's been passionate about all things police.    

“Ever since then, she was really drawn to it,” said her dad, Geraldo Zuniga.

Desoto Police Officer Tyler Sherman, and family friend, heard the call and decided to surprise Gigi at her Irving home.

"It really touched my heart to see a little girl fighting all of this so young,” explained Sherman.

The officers surprised Gigi with a customized police officer uniform and a badge with her name on it.

“As the Chief of Police in Desoto, I'm going to appoint you an honorary Desoto Police officer,” Chief Joe Costa told Gigi. “You accept that challenge?”

“I do,” she replied.

"She's been going through a lot of things,” said Sherman. “So I felt it was important to bring our family together and collaborate Team Gigi and the Desoto Police Department as a team.”

For Gigi, who's a little shy, it made for a long but picture perfect day as she was flanked by her new family in blue and her head held high.

"The chief swore her in as family, and that's forever,” said Sherman. “And anything she ever needs, we'll be right here for her."

“I had a great day,” said Gigi. “I’m going to fight cancer. Beat cancer.”