5 people hurt in shooting at Texas football game

At least five people were injured, including a pregnant woman, when a shooter unleashed a hail of bullets at a Texas football game on Sunday, police said.

Dallas police said the shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. Sunday at the Juanita Craft Recreation Center. There was a neighborhood football game in progress and police said when a man drove a moped onto the field and opened fire on spectators.

Police said that several people in the crowd started returning fire.  Video posted on Facebook shows a large crowd gathered on the field. Gunfire erupts and lasts for several minutes.

In the hail of bullets, five people were injured including a pregnant woman. She was shot in the chest. Before she was taken to the hospital, police applied a special bandage designed for chest wounds. At last check, she was in critical condition and the baby was in good condition.

A second woman suffered a gunshot wound to the head and reportedly was in serious condition at the hospital. Three others, two men and another woman, suffered bullet wounds to their legs. Police applied tourniquets to two victims before ambulances arrived.

At this point, police said it’s unclear whether any of the victims were deliberately targeted or simply caught in the crossfire. The motive for the shooting is also still unclear.

Those responsible for the shooting are still at large. Police have been talking to witnesses and reviewing video that people recorded with their cellphones to try to identify the suspects.

WARNING: This video contains violence and language that some may find offensive.