5 facts about Trump from his medical checkup

WASHINGTON (AP) — Five things we learned about President Donald Trump from Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, the doctor who oversaw Trump's first medical checkup in office.


Trump doesn't get much shut-eye. Jackson guessed that Trump snoozes four to five hours a night, max. The president also takes the sleep aid Ambien while traveling overseas.



Trump is a self-described germaphobe who engages in frequent hand-washing and Purell use, and Jackson says that's a good thing. "I would like for him to continue to be a bit of a germophobe and make my job a little bit easier along the way," the doctor said.



Jackson said the spurs haven't been bothering Trump, so he didn't examine the president for them, in the interests of time. Trump has said he obtained deferments during the Vietnam War for his college education and for bone spurs in his heels.



Jackson set a "reasonable goal" for the 239-pound Trump to drop 10 to 15 pounds by year's end. Trump's family will help. "His daughter, Ivanka, and Mrs. (Melania) Trump are both proponents of eating healthier and exercising. So they will be partners of mine in working this out."



Trump has healthy teeth and gums and doesn't wear a partial or dentures. An episode last month when Trump slurred some words on national TV led to speculation that it could have been caused by slipping dentures.