47-year-old tennis fan now U.S. Open ball person

Growing up a tennis fan, Steve Slater always dreamed of stepping onto the U.S. Open courts. This year it came true. Steve is a 47-year-old stay-at-home dad from Manhattan. He tried out to be a ball person at the annual grand slam event. And he made it.

About 400 people tried out. Only 260 made the cut. The average age is about 16 or 17, so Steve is much older. And he is not alone. About 39 ball persons are 30 or older this year, more than normal because the start of the tournament conflicted with the start of school.

Nicholas Zikos, 23, has been doing this for nearly a decade. He says the rookies -- no matter their age -- are doing just fine.

Steve says he hopes his kids will try out soon and that they can work together.