41 percent of kids think bacon comes from plant, study finds

A new study finds that children are not reliably accurate in identifying to origins of common foods.

Researchers found that 41-percent of children claimed that bacon came from a plant.  A similar number of the children also thought hamburgers and hot dogs came from plants.

Even chicken nuggets, which have an animal in their name was categorized as a plant-based food by more than a third of the children.

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On the other hand, nearly 47% of the children identified French fries as an animal-based food.  Popcorn and almonds were also commonly misclassified as animal-based.

The survey asked 176 children ages 4-7 where certain foods came from.  Children did not judge animals to be appropriate food sources in the study but did not know that some foods they eat are animal meat.

The study was published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.  Its authors linked meat-eating to climate change.