4-year-old girl is sole survivor after train slams into car, killing her parents and 3 sisters

A mother, father and three of their four daughters were tragically killed Sunday when an Amtrak train struck their minivan.

Steve Miller, his wife Christina and the children were on their way to church in Las Animas County, Colorado when state police say Mr. Miller "failed to yield right of way" to the locomotive.

The family's minivan was broadsided, killing everyone inside except 4-year-old Heidi Miller.

Heidi was airlifted to Denver, where she is in stable condition.

An exact cause of the crash has not been identified as investigators continue looking into the incident.

Amtrak said only that the van was "obstructing the tracks."

No one aboard the train, which was carrying 286 passengers, was injured.

While Colorado State Police did not identify the victims, family members gave their names to KKTV.

A GoFundMe page has also been created to raise money for Heidi's medical cost as well as funeral expenses for her family.

As of Monday morning, the campaign had raised over $17,000 with a goal of $50,000.

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