4 sisters do wedding dress photo shoot for mom

Four sisters, four weddings, one awesome photo!

A single mother got a special gift from her four daughters this year.  She had dreamed about them all together in their wedding dresses, and they made it happen.

When Amber, the oldest daughter, got married twelve years ago Terri McCaffrey said it was her dream to one day see all of her girls in a wedding portrait together.

Over the years, the others slowly married until December when the fourth and final daughter got married.

The sisters contacted photographer Ashley Sargent who make the shoot happen.

Sargent said it was, "a very unique idea where they all got dressed up in their wedding gowns for one epic photo!"

McCaffrey worked two and three jobs at a time over the years as she struggled to raise her daughters.  This was a little token to show her how much they cared.

(Photo courtesy Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC