4 mobile apps for wine lovers

The world of wine is huge. There is an ocean of selections and it can be very daunting and complicated. Fortunately, there are a number of apps to help you navigate through the virtual vineyard.

A great start for beginners is Vivino, an app that will help you identify wines, Mashable's Lance Ulanoff says.

"You stare at all those bottles and you don't understand any of them," Ulanoff says. "You take a picture and you will instantly get information about the grape, the vintage, everything you need to know about the wine."

Vivino has a photo label recognition system that can quickly bring up information for a given wine, complete with reviews, ratings, and tasting notes.

For those of you who appreciate finding highly rated wines that don't break the bank, the Xvalues app from Wine Spectator magazine is for you.

"Wine Spectator has done the work for you. We've reviewed the wines and scored them," Wine Spectator's Gillian Sciaretta says. "We make sure that they're widely available. So, it narrows down those selections for you in a really useful app."

The wine categories include reds and whites priced under $20, sparkling wines under $40, and extreme values for under $12. It also has seasonal lists.

"Right now we have the autumn wine selections," Sciaretta says. "So, you'll find wines that are perfect for the holiday season, Thanksgiving, if you're looking for gifts, or wines to have any day of the week."

Learn how to pair your delicious bottle of wine with the right foods with the Pocket Wine app. From seafood to salads, Pocket Wine has hundreds of pair recommendations. There are quick guides to food types as well as a dos and don'ts section. Learn about different styles of wine and how the aromas and grapes are important factors. Your taste buds will thank you.

Connect with other wine lovers through the unWine app. This is a fun social network designed for users to share wine experiences. Just set up a profile and the app lets you check-in wines and get recommendations from friends. Swipe left and right through wine bottles and save your favorites to your cellar. You might even meet someone to toast with.