3 young brothers from Long Island are all top chess players

The Prestia brothers of Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, welcome the challenge of chess. Paris, 11, Frankie, 9, and Sebastian, 7, are all ranked nationally in the top 1 percent of their age groups. How they got into the game may run in the family. Sebastian grew up watching his older brothers play. But their father Frank is no stranger to the game.

Sebastian's trophies may be as tall as him but he is determined to beat the best this summer. He was invited by the U.S. Chess Federation to compete in the World Cadets Championship in Brazil.

Experts say having three children in one family as successful as these boys are is very uncommon. They're all top players for their age group.

The brothers also love playing tennis and piano but somehow chess is always in the background.

They play games online with older opponents from around the world.

Their dad says he is proud that they're passionate and successful. And while they may not become the next Grandmaster, for their parents, all that matters is that they're having fun.