3-year-old Helena on ventilator after being shot in head during drive-by shooting in North Houston

A 3-year-old girl remains in the hospital in critical condition after she was shot in the head, caught in the crossfire of a deadly drive-by shooting. Her parents are now speaking out, asking for the public’s help. 

It happened at their apartment on the 900 block of Cypress Station in North Houston on Monday. 

For the last three days, Fredrick and Martha Lane have spent every moment at the hospital by their 3-year-old daughter, Helena’s side, praying she survives. 

"It went through right here and it broke 4 bones. She could possibly pass. We don't know," said Fredrick.

Just before 7:30 p.m. Monday, Martha said she was taking out the trash at their apartment complex when she turned around and saw a man lying on the ground, shot. 


Martha was born deaf and couldn’t hear the gunshots from the drive-by that also struck Helena in the head.

The couple explained what happened to FOX 26 through an interpreter. 

"We just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time," Martha said. 

Their 5-year-old daughter Selena witnessed her sister get shot in the car next to her and is now having nightmares. 

Helena remains at the hospital on a ventilator and hasn’t woken up from surgery. 

"It almost looks like she's dead if she's laying there, it's awful. She didn't do anything wrong. We're just doing outside and I still don't understand what's wrong with people. What's wrong with people? Shooting up at an apartment? What sense does that make?" Martha said. 

"She's still intubated. Her heart is fine, but we just don't know about the brain activity," Fredrick said. 

The couple says they were homeless for 15 years and were just getting back on their feet. 

For now, all they can do is pray that Helena wakes up. 

"We need help. We need to move somewhere to the hotel or somewhere. We need protection. We need to find somewhere safe. We don't feel safe going back to that apartment," Fredrick said. 


Helena is supposed to celebrate her 4th birthday next week. 

So far, the Harris County Sheriff's Office has not named any suspects. 

If you’d like to help out the family— click here.