3-year-old found wandering, Norcross mother missing

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The search for a 25-year-old Norcross mother has grown more urgent after her 3-year-old son was found wandering a Gwinnett County shopping center early Saturday morning. Family members told police they have not heard from her since Friday and are growing increasingly worried for her.

“Apparently, the last contact she had with family member was on Friday so we’re investigating her disappearance in hopes of finding out where she is,” said Cpl. Deon Washington.

WATCH: Police search for missing Norcross mother

Gwinnett County police said Beatriz Espinoza was last seen Friday after leaving the Hickory Grove apartments just off S. Norcross Tucker Road near Jimmy Carter Blvd. She told family members she was leaving with her 3-year-old in tow.

“It’s our understanding that she didn’t show up for work so we are working with family and employer to figure out exactly what her normal plan is,” said

Police said Espinoza called her sister Friday to let her know she would be there soon to pick up her 6-year-old son, but she never showed up. A few hours later her 3-year-old son was found by a worker wandering a strip mall.

 “A 3-year-old wandering unattended is uncommon most mothers are not going to leave their kids without proper supervision,” said Cpl. Washington

Close to 100 people gathered Saturday night to help search. Gwinnett County police joined the search, handing out flyers and stopped to find out more information about the missing woman.

WATCH: Hundreds search for missing Norcross mother

“It’s our understanding that he mom has never done something like his before so even more of a reason for us to be alarmed about the sequence of events we are faced with.” Cpl. Washington

Investigators from the special victims unit who specialize in doing forensic interviews with children are hoping they will have more after they interview the children about the incident.

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