3 Times Square performers arrested

Three costumed characters who take photos with tourists in New York's Times Square and ask for tips have been accused of refusing to give tourists change.

Police say people playing Iron Man, the Hulk and Anna from "Frozen" were taken into custody Thursday. The arrests came a day after the city started painting teal rectangles in pedestrian plazas designating where the costumed characters can pose with tourists and solicit tips.

Authorities say a man and a woman from Iowa took photos with the Anna character, who took $10 as a tip. Police say the tourists demanded change and Anna handed back $3 and walked off.

They say the out-of-towners also gave $10 to Iron Man and $10 to the Hulk, who refused to give them change. There's no set tip amount, but tips are expected.

A police spokesman says charges against the three characters are pending.