3 NYC museums to visit now

When you think of a museum you probably think of a quiet place with statues and paintings. And while that is true of many of them, plenty of museums in New York City are a lot more fun than you'd think.

If you love pi then the Mo Math Museum is right up your alley. Located on East 26th Street, across from Madison Square Park, it is a super cool place to visit even if you're not a math aficionado.

Almost all of the exhibits are interactive, like the one called "The Hyperboloid." Each one aims to teach you something, but not in that two-plus-two way.

Mo Math is open from 10-5, 7 days a week so you've got lots of opportunities to check it out.

If you fancy American art you'll fall in love with the new Whitney museum. On May 1, the relocated Whitney reopened to the public on Gansevoort Street in the heart of the Meatpacking District. The museum was founded by sculptor and socialite Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Famed Italian architect Renzo Piano designed the gorgeous building. The Whitney focuses on 20th and 21st Century art.

The current exhibit "America Is Hard to See" includes works by Andy Warhol and an 1962 oil painting called "Large Trademark With Spotlight." The Whitney has 50,000 square feet of indoor gallery space and 13,000 square feet of outdoor exhibition space.

And if you've got a hankering for a little New York City history, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum is a must. Guided tours take you inside this building on Orchard Street and make you feel like it's the turn of the 20th Century. For families with a connection to the Lower East Side, it's a particularly moving experience.