3 mobile apps for recreational boaters

Summer is approaching and boaters are ready to set sail. Some apps can help you experience calm waters during boating season.

1. U.S. Coast Guard app

The U.S. Coast Guard can help you navigate your boating experience with its self-titled app. Here you can find the most commonly requested information and resources for recreational boating.

You can check out your state's boating laws, request a safety check, and review safety equipment. The app will also help you file a float plan and report any hazards you may encounter out on the water. Emergency assistance is right at your fingertips at the bottom of every page.

2. GetMyBoat app

Are you ready to steer your own vessel?

"So you want to rent a boat, you want to have an excursion, you want to have an experience," tech editor Lance Ulanoff said. "Well, where?"

Check out GetMyBoat. This app makes it easy to rent a boat or charter a yacht. Scroll through pictures and details on vessel after vessel. Filter your preferences for sleeping quarters or a fishing excursion.

"What kind of experience you want, if you want a captain on the boat—which I think we always want a captain on the boat," Ulanoff said.

Set your price range and choose from a houseboat to a motor yacht. Choose your boating location and set sail.

3. FishWeather app

If fishing is part of your boating agenda, then download the FishWeather app. Wind plays an important part in a fishing trip. This app will help you plan ahead and decide which fishing spots are likely to be better due to wind speeds, direction, and gusts.

You also get real-time wind reports from more than 50,000 stations worldwide. Detailed graphs also supply real-time information on wave heights and frequency.

Happy sailing!

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