3 mobile apps for allergy sufferers

Allergy season is here, and sufferers are looking for any relief possible.

Start by downloading the Allergy Alert app. This app accurately predicts the pollen forecast for four days straight which can help you plan activities. You are also able to check pollen forecasts for other cities if you plan to travel. An allergy diary lets you keep track of your symptoms and how you are feeling. This information can be printed later to keep track of any changes.

Do you suffer from hay fever? There is a new app to help determine the nature and severity of your condition before advising you on the best treatment possible. The Hay Fever Relief app will help you get through the season. It provides interesting detailed images explaining what exactly happens to your nose, sinuses, ears, and eyes during an allergy attack. You'll also discover self-help tips and alternative medicines to ease your discomfort.

Occasionally, there comes a time to just raise the white flag in your battle against oak, grass, and ragweed. When you're ready to cough your way into the doctor's office, there's an app for that.

Getting in to see a specialist is easy with the Zocdoc app, scroll through over 50 types of medical specialists and the GPS system will locate your allergy hero in seconds. There are doctor profiles and verified patient reviews for you to read. Various filters can help you select a doctor by gender, education, and even languages spoken. You can find a doctor who takes your insurance and even book an appointment at a time that works for you.

Having all of this at your fingertips is nothing to sneeze about!