27-year-old woman claims Uber driver sexually assaulted her

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The woman, who we will call Sally, says her birthday celebration started out as a fun night -- but then took a terrifying turn when she ended up at this gas station in the 6100 block of Irvington.

This is where she says the Uber driver picked her up after her husband used the Uber app.
Sally who admits to being intoxicated says she fell asleep in the passenger seat.

"I woke up with his mouth on my neck and his fingers inside of me," Sally said. "I freaked out. I got startled and I grabbed my purse and I opened the door."

Sally says surveillance video from the gas station shows she and the Uber driver were parked at the gas station for some 14 minutes.

"So for 12 to 14 minutes there was no reason he shouldn't have pulled out and taken me home," Sally said.

Police were called and the Uber driver called Sally's husband.

"He told me that my wife is freaking out, he was just putting her seat belt on and adjusting the seat position for some reason, and I don't understand why he would call me like that immediately as soon as she jumped out of the vehicle," said Sally's husband Adam Benton.

The Uber driver has not been charged, however Houston police are now investigating.

A spokesperson for Uber says "We are deeply concerned by this report and we take allegations like this very seriously. We are in close contact with law enforcement and the driver in question has been removed from the Uber platform."