26-year-old man gets dying wish granted

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PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A local man who was told he has months to live wanted to do one thing: marry the love of his life. His family and friends made sure that wish came true.

“They wanted his last wish to be his best wish, to be married to his best friend," said Bob Ford. He gets emotional talking about his son Christopher's wedding to the love of his life.

"My heart was just overjoyed with glory and pleasure that the two of them were finally getting married," he said.

The wedding took place in Nashville,Tennessee last weekend.

It's special because Bob's son Christopher is 26 years old and is dying of cancer.  Doctor's recently told him he has two to three months to live and might not make it to the wedding the couple had originally planned for October.

Bob, who lives in Warminster, says his son moved to Nashville where his mother, Amy, lives so she could care for him full-time. Christopher was diagnosed with stage four mouth and throat cancer last year. He beat it but it returned and had spread to his lungs.

"They had told him they couldn’t do anymore treatment because he was too weak. His immune system and body were so frail," said Bob.

Christopher and Nicole have been together three years.  They have a 4-year-old daughter Maddie and a 1-year -old son Tristan who were both in the wedding. Bob also played a bigger role than he imagined.

"I walked him down the aisle and up to the alter and I actually didn’t know as well that I was going to say the vows because he can't speak because of his throat and mouth cancer."

Christopher's uncle Joe says it's bitter sweet but in a way the wedding has given Christopher new life.

"You look at Chris and you see him fighting with all his will and heart and he's doing it for his family and for his kids. When you see that it brings out everything in you," said Joe.

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