1980s hairstyles return with modern flair

You know that expression "Everything old is new"? When it comes to hair, it's true. The 1980s are back and in a big way. Fox 5 went to Nunzio Saviano, the owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon, for a lesson.

Our first model started with wet hair. Then Nunzio trimmed her ends to help bring out her natural curl. Then came the scrunching and blow drying with a diffuser once the hair was completely dry, a scarf is playfully tied to enhance it. The inspiration came from a recent Instagram shot of model Gigi Hadid, whose inspiration came from Madonna.

Now if this look doesn't make you want to grab your hairbrush and belt out "Like a Virgin" then try this one. Because a half-up top knot is hot. Then you create a high ponytail. Finally, highlighted layers -- very '80s.

For a take that doesn't require a ton of hairspray and is a little more modern, Nunzio took shoulder-length hair and added clip-on extensions. He insists that they don't damage the hair and require very little upkeep.

These three transformations are fun, youthful, and easy to do. If want to turn back time, start with your hair.