19-hour direct flight from New York City?

Singapore Airlines is reportedly preparing to introduce a non-stop flight from Singapore to a New York City area airport.  The globe-spanning 19-hour route could be up and running by the fall.  The formal announcement is expected to come in the next few weeks.

Singapore Airlines would operate the route using the Airbus A-350-900ULR, a new ultra long-range jet.  It will take about 19-hours to fly the 9,500 miles separating the two major hubs, depending on wind speeds.  Typical New York City air traffic delays could push the flight time to nearly 20 hours some days.

Singapore Airlines plans to operate the flight with a two-class configuration: business and premium economy. The plane will be fitted with lighting to combat jet lag and an air circulation system that renews the air every two minutes.

The jetliner previously operated a flight from Singapore to Newark but canceled the route in 2013 due to operational costs making it unprofitable.

The flight will be about an hour longer than the current world record holder, which connected New Zealand and Qatar.  It was unclear if the resumed service would also go into Newark or would go into JFK in New York City.

Singapore Airlines just completed its first test of the Airbus A350-900ULR (Ultra Long-Range) that can flight up to 11,160 miles, or about 20 hours, without refueling.

Singapore has ordered seven A350-900ULR aircraft and will use them to increase its long-haul service around the world. The airline also plans to fly nonstop to Los Angeles, a 15-hour flight, beginning in 2019.