14th St. closed to cars during L train shutdown?

Panic over the impending L train shutdown has already begun. But could 14th Street in Manhattan be the sought-after solution to help L train riders get around?

The proposal is called PeopleWay. The street would be closed to car traffic, including taxis and livery cars, and be reserved for buses, bicycles, and pedestrians, according to Nick Sifuentes of the Riders Alliance.

Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives believes the proposal would transform 14th Street into an effective transportation corridor. He said it would make 14th Street better for commuters.

Starting in 2019, the L train will either be completely shut down for 18 months or partially for three years to repair the Superstorm Sandy damaged Canarsie Tube.

The L train is vital to so many New Yorkers. 50,000 people use it in Manhattan and 225,000 use it to get to and from Brooklyn every single day.

One thing everyone can agree on. No one is looking forward to the L train going out of service.