14-year-old Pleasanton whiz graduates Santa Clara University, gets job at SpaceX

Fourteen-year-old Kairan Quazi of Pleasanton is set to graduate from Santa Clara University and has already secured a full-time job as a software engineer at SpaceX's Starlink division.

The teen took to his Facebook page to share the exciting news, expressing his admiration for SpaceX, which he described as "the coolest company on the planet." 

He commended the company for not underestimating his capabilities based on his age. 

Kairan's journey began when he felt that elementary school wasn't challenging enough for him. 

At the age of nine, he enrolled in community college, where he delved into the fields of engineering and computer science. 

By the time he turned 11, he had already embarked on his studies in these disciplines.

Kairan graduates on June 17 with degrees in computer science and engineering and begins his job as a software engineer next week.