12-year-old Long Island prodigy Suborno Bari heading to NYU

Suborno Isaac Bari memorized the periodic table when he was just two years old. At 3 he was doing calculus. At 7 he was lecturing in India. 

He graduated middle school at 10. Now he’s 12 and Suborno is counting down the days until his high school graduation.

"I try keeping myself to a high standard even with a case of senioritis," he said.

Suborno Isaac, named after Isaac Newton, is certainly living up to his name, given he is five years younger than most of his classmates. He was ranked in the top 22 of his class at Malverne High School, and got a 1500 on the SATs, just a hundred points shy of perfection.

"I’m going to be attending NYU as part of the class of 2028," he said. "Hopefully by 2027 if I get it all done in time."

Suborno was also offered full rides to Fordham and Stony Brook but he told FOX 5 NY's Jodi Goldberg that New York University is one of the few universities that doesn’t require freshmen to live on campus.

His father Rashidul, will double as his driver.

"I’m very proud of him," he said.

His older brother Refath is also very proud.

"When I need someone to play with, it's him, when I need someone to do my homework with it's him and when I need to ask someone a question it's also him so it's super easy to forget he's only 12 years old," he said.

Suborno transferred to Malverne as a fourth grader and the following year, teachers made an accelerated schedule. He took high school classes in the morning and fifth-grade electives and clubs in the afternoon.

As for the future, Suborno hopes to inspire others with a love for learning that’s helped him accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.

"I want to bring my teaching to these lower-level schools."