11-year-old drummer wows audiences

These are the expertly rhythmic hands of a very talented jazz musician...who just so happens to be 11 years old. Meet Kojo Roney, the son of jazz saxophonist Antoine Roney and choreographer and dancer Nia Love. Kojo is taking his skills on the road and delighting audiences along the way.

His father noticed his nascent talent before Kojo was even 1 year old. And since then, Kojo has become a veteran performer.

And as he wrapped up this SummerStage Kids performance at the Courtney Calender Playground on Fifth Avenue, Kojo acknowledged he still had plenty of territory to cover around the world. He vowed to do what it takes to get there. As soon as he gets in some hoops. He is 11 after all.

Click here to watch Kojo's drum solo.