11-story Ferris wheel coming to Times Square

In a few short days, you won’t need to ride an elevator to the top floor to take in breathtaking views of Times Square.

Instead, you can hop on an eleven-story ferris wheel, which will hoist its passengers high above the crossroads of the world.

Vito Bruno, who owns AMPM Entertainment Concepts, is the mastermind behind the project.

He says a six-person crew flown in from across the country, equipped with several fifty-three-foot trailers, began assembling the massive attraction today.

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"Hopefully, we’ll help sell some tickets to Broadway and help New York and Broadway and Times Square come back to life," Bruno adds.

The wheel will be ready for all thrill-seekers come Tuesday, operating from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

However, Bruno's permit only allows him to keep it here for twenty-nine days.

For many New Yorkers, it’s a trip down memory lane, at least for those who spent their childhoods riding the iconic Toys ‘R’ Us Ferris wheel.

Tickets for the attraction cost between $15 and $20.

You can purchase them online or on-site.