103-Year-Old Detroit woman still loves going to work

Every day, Ethel Stevenson goes into work at the Ethel V. Stevenson Senior Center. Yes, it is named after her -- because Ethel just turned 103 years old, and she’s still hard at work.

Ethel told FOX 2 she’s been working since she was 13, and she’s coordinated transportation at the senior center for 60 years. 

Ethel says she attributes her longevity to just three things: “Trust in God, treating people right, and doing what I can to help everybody.”

Ethel says she looks forward to going into work every single day. As for what motivates her to go into work every day after all these years, she says that much is simple.

Said Ethel, “What am I gonna sit home for? I’m not a sit-home kind of person.”